NOWCA Discount

We have partnered up with NOWCA to bring you £5 off your first order of £15 or more! Use code NOWCA5 at checkout. Click here to start shopping.

At Forager, we have always delivered sustainable products that promote a healthy lifestyle which is why we are so excited to be partnering with a company that shares a similar ethos around health, fitness and sustainability. To celebrate, we want to offer all NOWCA members £5 off when they spend £15 or more on their first order!


Who are we?

We create unique herbal tea blends that are both natural and sustainably packaged. Our blends have been designed to target particular health benefits that can easily fit into your daily routine and come with information on both the science and health benefits of each ingredient.

Why are we different?

All of our products are functional and based around specific health benefits, which means you know why and when to consume. Combine this with the fact that we only use organic, plant based ingredients in our products, plastic free teabags and packaging that is 100% biodegradable is what makes us who we are.