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Our plant based, Wellness Powders


Why our Superblends are different

We wanted to create wellness powders unlike any other. Entirely plant based, made from natural ingredients with no sweetness or flavourings. Each blend improves your overall health & wellness.

✓Entirely plant based ✓Vegan ✓Natural ingredients

✓Compostable packaging ✓No flavourings ✓No added sugar


Cacao & Matcha

Our Cacao & Matcha Superblend powder is full of nutrients and helps to increase physical and mental performance. Using the best ingredients taken straight from nature to create a product that focuses purely on long lasting energy for body and cognition.




Ginger & Turmeric

Our fiery Ginger & Turmeric Superblend targets inflammation in the muscles, promotes healthy digestion and boosts your overall immunity. Each ingredient focuses on helping to body to repair and recover.



The Forager Promise


We have opted to using packaging that is entirely eco-friendly and sustainable. Our pouches are compostable and can be disposed in your home food bin!


Health benefits

Every single one of our teas has a health function with ingredients specifically chosen to improve your overall wellness.


All natural

We only use natural herbs and plants in our blends. None of our blends contain any flavourings or added sugar.


Get the most out of your Superblends


Sustainable Insulated Flask

Add one of our stainless steel flasks to help take your Superblends with you on the go!